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art writing...

2022: Load Bearing: Essay. Ah Surviving ed by Laura Fitzgerald, published by Small Night Zine.

Object + Word Publication ed by Silvia Koistinen for the exhibition of the same name, curated by Silvia Koistinen.

2021: The Mincers: Commissioned text for Window Text Series by CCA ~ Derry, designed in collaboration with Reece Kennedy,

printed by Derry Print Workshop. 

Pre- Fix: Two texts written in response to performances by artists Brennagh Meehan (NI) and Halie Finney (CA) at the FIX Performance Biennial, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

2020: Soup is a Feeling, not a Starter: Essay. The Catalyst Arts Cookbook edited by Anne Mager for First We Eat Exhibition

Catalogue, curated by Anne Mager. 

2016: The Lockhouse: Self-published artist book. Publication on

critical writing...

2023:  I can never nail the days down: Phillip McCrilly at the Golden Thread Gallery, NI. Commissioned for Written By Us, Not

About Us by Northern Irish Arts Network.

2019: Nothing is Made, Nothing is Finished: Elaine Grainger at NCAD and the RDS Dublin, ROI. Artist Profile. Issue#4 "Out of Body"

Bloomers Art Zine.

Manmade: Group Exhibition at the Millenium Court Arts Centre Portadown, NI. Exhibition Review. VAN Newsletter.

2017:The Great Wall: Tadhg O’Sullivan at the VISUAL Carlow, ROI. Exhibition Review. CIRCA: This Matters Now.

relevant courses and workshops...

2022: Creative Art Criticism and Writing with An Pyaenhusen, NODE, DE.
2021: How to Write a Door and Walk Through Workshop with Research Associate Frances Whorral Campbell, CCA Derry

~Londonderry, NI

2020: From the Fragments: Workshop series with Roe McDermott, Corporeal Writing, USA. 

Should Artists Write? Workshop with Meadhbh McNutt, CCA Derry ~Londonderry, NI.

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