The Room is Full of Weapons! 2019

Video with sound 4 mins

Selected for MExIndex Screening Displacements 2020 by curator Richard Ashrowan.

MFA Degree Show 2019

Installation images of MFA Degree Show in Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster. 

Visitors Information 2019

Slide Projections with sound 3,30 mins


Fossa 2018


Publication of poetry and narrative from material cited and scripted in my research project of video projection work Fossa 2018.


Produced and distributed for Culture Night Wexford 2018.

Video Projection, 4 mins.

Film - Sync - Speak 2018

Video, 2.26 mins.

Cartographs 2017

Selection of studio work from 1st year MFA 2017 

Durational Performance,

180 mins

Performed for Evolving Arts Festival, Fusion Theatre and Cafe, Wexford Town, 2017

Words, Words, Words 2017

The Show² 2016

Collaborative Performance, 30 mins

Beef or Salmon were a collaborative performance duo consisting of artist Tara McGinn and musician Ruah Berney Pearson.

The Show 2015

Collaborative Performance, 30 mins

The Constitution of Shadows 2015

Preview Video

Analog Slideshow and Soundpiece, 17 mins

©2018 Tara McGinn

Installation View 2019

MFA Degree Show 2019 University of Ulster Belfast